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Thomas the Train

What you need:

3 blue foam poster boards
1 or 2 inch wide red tape
1 empty coffee tin (an empty oatmeal cannister would also work)
1 white poster sheet
1 yellow crayon
1 black poster sheet
1 black sharpie
Spider web from Halloween section (stretchy kind)
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks


Start by placing 1 blue board in between the wheel and chair, measure the height you will need as well as the length. You will need to cut off the excess.
Use the second blue board to measure the second side. Do this for both sides of the chair.

Using the third board, measure the width needed across the front of the chair to glue all boards together. Glue the right, left and front of the train and measure to make sure it will fit. Next, you will use left over board to measure, cover and glue the top of the train(where the steam comes out). Glue all boards together to form the sides, top, and front of the train. Fit on the chair to make sure everything is going fine. If no modifications are needed, remove train for next step.

Use a picture of Thomas the Train for drawing the red lines. I used a pencil for the rough draft and then started adding the red tape on top of the pencil outline.

Use leftover white posterboard to create the yellow "1"s hat will go on each side of the train. I used a yellow crayola crayon to color the board. Hot glue one "1" to each side according to rough draft.

Use the white posterboard for the face. I free handed the face and filled it in with the black Sharpie, a thicker marker will work faster. When completed hot glue face to the front of the train.

Last step will be to cover the coffee tin or whichever cylinder you are using with black posterboard. This will be the part of the train where the steam comes out. This will be hot glued to the top of the train behind the face. Place hot glue along the bottom edge. You can use spider web from the Halloween section for the steam. This does not need to be hot glued but you can glue it if you want. I stretched it out just a tad to give the smokey look.

To make the train stay in place we taped the back to the chair. Sorry I didn't take pictures of this. I used the same red tape since we already had red on the train and it just blended in.

The total time spent on project was 3 hours. Total cost was under $10 I bought most of the materials at Dollar Tree or a local dollar store(I already owned the hot glue gun and glue sticks). Best part of all was my son had a blast in it. 

Great job Olivia! Thanks for sharing your awesome creation. I love that it only cost $10! Proof that anyone can create these amazing costumes with some basic supplies and a few dollars.

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