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Buzz Lightyear

What you need: 

PVC Pipe
Box cutter
Card Board (Refrigerator Size)
4 Battery Operated blinking flashlights
4 blue bowls (dollar store)
Tempera paint: Blue, Purple, Grey, Red & white
Zip ties
Painter’s putty or spackling paste
2” C-clamp
Duck tape
Gorilla Glue


This one was pretty tricky by far the most complicated costume yet! We cut the card board to form the rocket ship. We used the PVC pipe to create the frame on the inside of the ship. We then anchored it to Jacob’s chair using the C-clamps. We used left over card board to form the wings for the ship. We screwed 4 blue bowls on the back of the ship. I wanted to try something this year to give his costume some more texture and hide all of the duck tape we had used to form the rocket shape so I used spackling paste on the entire thing! It gave the ship a smoother look but it also made the ship really heavy. If you decide to use this be careful because as it dries and the more you move it, it will crack.  We used zip ties to hold the lights that blinked on the sides of the rocket ship. We had an old light necklace that we zip tied to the front of the ship; at night the lights looked amazing! Once the spackling dried (overnight) I drew the Buzz emblem using a pencil which makes it easy to erase. If you erase you may notice some left behind eraser marks but don’t worry because you can use white tempera paint to cover your mistakes. To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Seriously awesome! This one was definitely a labor of love and it came out fantastic. Thanks for sharing Clarrissa!

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