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Captain America

What you need:
(Total Cost to create $15 and about two hours of time)
Red, white and blue crafters paint
Metallic silver crafters paint
Foam brushes
Hot glue gun
Poster board (5 sheets)
Red, orange and yellow tissue paper
Zip ties


I used different sized pot lids to make the circles for Captain Americas Shield.  Traced the outlines of the circles and painted them according to photos of the actual shield I found online.  Painted each shield and then hot glued them to an extra larger circle to give them more support.  They were hole punched in three locations and secured with zip ties to the wheels of the wheelchair.

The exhaust pipes were made with rolled up poster board, hot glued to maintain shape and then stapled to the second tube.  I used two tubes on each safety bar and painted with metallic crafting paint.  The tubes were made wide enough to fit over the anti-tipping guards and the guards were turned up to attach the exhaust.  I them stuffed the tubes with the colored tissue paper to give it a flame appearance.

Behind the wheelchair I attached my sons real Captain America shield using ribbon to be able to take it on and off when he wanted to use the shield.

Lastly to add a little pizzazz, I added red, white and blue pinwheels to the front.  They were attached with hot glue.

I love the simplicity of this costume! This is proof that you can create something really fun and amazing with just a few supplies and a couple of hours. It's perfect Kerri, thanks for sharing Jarrett's costume with us!

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