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What you need:

27in TV box from U-Haul (or any large cardboard box or pieces of cardboard glued together)
Exacto knife
Foam rectangle sheets 
Pipe liner
Internet pics for dashboard and lights
White poster board or white paint
Styrofoam discs
Hot glue gun
Foam sticky letters
Lights of your choice (sticky LED night lights, panel lights, etc)


1.  Cut out the box panels, and slip onto sides of the wheelchair.  Cut basic side shapes allowing room for self propelling.  We just did one side, and traced it for the other side.

2.  Decide how you want to attach it to the chair.  We originally wanted it to go over his head, but it was easiest just to rest everything on his frame and handle bars, rather than affix it to the chair.

3.  Measure and cut the top, front, and back from other box flaps.

4.  Trace all of the pieces onto white poster board, cut them out, and hot glue them to the pieces.  OR If you are better at planning ahead than I am, purchase a large white box to begin with. Or you could use white paint to paint the entire box.

5.  Hot glue all the pieces together, We also reinforced all of the sides with another piece of cardboard folded in half and glued on the inside.  

6.  Decorate!  We used colored foam pieces for the cross shape (you could use posterboard or paint as well), styrofoam discs for the ambulance light on top, and printed the dashboard and lights on glossy paper and glued them onto the sides.  We also used a piece of cardboard and construction paper tilted and hot glued inward for the dashboard.  For the number, we used pipe lining.

Add some lights for an extra touch!

Thanks for sharing Kari, this is such a versatile costume. I love it.

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