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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What you need:

Foam mats (colored bottoms) *I bet you could also use cardboard for this*
4 yellow, 1 green
Colored tape (yellow, green)
Spray paint
Green, orange, blue, purple, red, silver
Black permanent marker
Foam glue
Red cups
Foam sheets
Light blue, dark blue, white

Trying to find colorful material that is also waterproof is a bit of a challenge. Old foam mats gave us a great surface that can be glued and painted and cut up. The back of the mat has a colorful and smooth surface that holds the paint very well. It is also the perfect size to fit on a walker.

The pieces of the mat fit together into a cube shape. Each side of a cube and held together with the top (green). The sides can be glued together, and the part that sticks out can be cut so that you can tape over a smooth surface. Yellow duct tape holds the sides in place without being too obvious on the mat. The wheels and the center part can be cut out.

The roof can be reinforced with green tape (duct tape or painters tape). The Shell Raiser is a subway car. So paint subway doors and windows, and I got wood-colored strips to cover the windows. The paint holds well on the foam, to make straight lines, tape up what you want to paint and spray over it. The whited needed 4 coats, and then silver two coats.

The subway car is covered in graffiti. The graffiti used the 4 turtle colors, and writing. If you put the graffiti on after you have taped it together then the graffiti will help to hide the tape. But make sure you have everything taped up.
To help the graffiti pop out, we outlined the words in black permanent marker.  We wrote “Turtle Power” on one side and “TMNT” on the opposite side. The turtle colors covered each corner of the car, overlapping to the front of the subway car, the colors were opposite on the other side so that all 4 colors show at the front.

The back has blue rocket boosters (with blue flames cut from foam sheets), and red bumpers, made from red cups that are glued together and taped on. The SHELL RAISER sign went on the back as well, with glue to hold in place. To help to hold the Shell Raiser in place, a hole was cut into the back to hold the basket of the walker in place.

The ramming bumper at the front is held in place with a wire and a cut up pool noodle, covered in white foam. The rocket launcher is a marshmallow shooter held in place by a cut-out in the roof. Wires also hold the front in place over the wheels

For some graffiti at the front I wrote Booyakasha and Cowabunga, both things that Michaelango yells.

TMNT Manhole Cover for Wheelchair

What you need:
Cake pan
Large aluminum foil
Grey paint (light and dark)


I glued foam strips onto a cake pan. I tried a couple of different designs to see what I wanted to use. I got a pack of letters to make up the NYC SEWER and glued them in place. I cut the edges off that overlapped.

The aluminium foil covered the cake pan. I found that the letters for the sewer didn’t stand out enough so I put on 2 layers of foil. Gently press between the foam and around the letters.

To help it to stand out more, use the grey paint. With the darker grey went in the middle and the lighter color went over the letters. It doesn’t have to be neat, and if the aluminum foil breaks, don’t worry.

The sewer grate sits over the wheelchair handles so that it overlaps over the head.

Another great costume for both walker and wheelchair by Amanda! Thanks for always sharing your awesome creations with us. I love the manhole cover. It looks awesome.

You can see more step-by-step instruction for creating a manhole cover by clicking here.

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