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The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo

What you need:

PVC Pipe
Box cutter
Card Board (Refrigerator Size)
2 Battery Operated sticky lights
Metal Cake pan
Red reflectors
Tempera paint: Blue, orange, green & yellow & orange construction paper
Black permanent marker
Painter’s putty or spackling paste
Wooden rod
2” C-clamp
Duck tape
Gorilla Glue
Old power wheels tires and steering wheel


We used huge card board boxes to form The Mystery Machine. We used PVC pipe to secure the van and several C-clamps to mount the van on Jacob’s wheel chair. I wanted to give his costume some more texture and hide all of the duck tape we had used to form the van so I used spackling paste on the entire thing! It gave the van a smoother look but it also made the van EXTREMELY heavy. If you decide to use this be careful because as it dries and the more you move it, it will crack.   We took apart an old Power Wheels and used the tires and steering wheel. We screwed the wheels onto the card board and PVC frame.  I cut pieces of construction paper into circles and glued them onto card board which I then glued onto each of the four tires. In the front of the Mystery Machine I used yellow spray paint to paint the round cake pan and glued the flower onto the front of the cake pan that we then screwed into the cardboard. We used two battery operated lights and large PVC tubes to create the head lights. We used a wooden rod in the back of the van to reinforce as well as balance the back of the van. Jacob really enjoyed this costume because the steering wheel would turn as if he was driving the Mystery Machine.

Wow, that's impressive. Seriously.

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