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Motorcycle Rider

 Watch out for this guy! He's taking over the road!

What you need: 

PVC Pipe
Card Board
Battery Operated Light
Styrofoam for gas tank (we used an old bicycle tank)
Black spray paint
Metallic grey spray paint
Lawn mower tire
Zip ties
Duck tape
2” C-clamp
Force pump plunger
Gorilla Glue
Harley Davidson Stickers


We were pretty lucky with this design because we took a part an old motorcycle bicycle.  We bought several pieces of PVC pipe and made the handle bars and frame out of PVC. We spray painted the pieces while they were separated because once you start drilling and shaping your motorcycle you don’t want to take it apart. We screwed in the tire to the PVC as well as the tank. We used the zip ties to hold down the card board. You’re probably wondering what we used the plunger for but that was our make shift head light! We also cut out card board and made a speedometer. After we made the body we then attached the motorcycle piece to Jacob’s wheelchair using 3 c-clamps for a mount which is easy to remove the entire piece.  Most of these materials you can find at your local hardware store. Good Luck!

Awesome Clarrissa, thanks so much for sharing Jacob's costume with us!

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