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Pirate Ship

What you need:

PVC Pipe
Box cutter
Card Board (Refrigerator Size)
2” C-clamp
Gorilla Glue
Skull (party city)
Pirate lunch box
Pirate’s gold (party city)
Anchor chain (party city)
Black raven (party city)
Metallic link chain (party city)
Jute roll (party city)
Old carpet roll
Duck tape
Black curtain
Black and white felt
Brown spray paint
Brown Tempera paint


We shaped the cardboard box into a pirate ship. We used PVC pipe to make the frame and used bolts and gorilla glue to hold it all together. Once we made the frame we used c-clamps to anchor the ship to Jacob’s chair. I painted the ship with brown tempera paint and used a back and forth motion to give it that old wood look. We I spray painted the old carpet roll with brown spray paint and placed it on the back of Jacob’s chair in between some metal pieces that came out of the back end of his chair. We cut a hole through the carpet pole and glued it in. We then tied the black curtain to the PVC to make the sails. I draped the jute roll over the pirate ship and cut a whole big enough to sit Jacob inside of his pirate ship. I used gorilla glue to hold the skull on the front of the ship and placed pieces of gold and treasures on the top of his ship. Good Luck!

Another great costume from Clarrissa! We love it.

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