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Batmobile Wheelchair Costume

You need:
Black Spray Paint
Half sphere styrofoam shape
2 Styrofoam circles (one small, one bigger)
Red and orange tissue paper
Hot Glue Gun
Batman symbol printed out
Dashboard decorations (optional)

Here's how we did it:
First we cut out the cardboard into the shape we wanted for the sides of the Batmobile. I cut out a rectangle for the back of the Batmobile and a square for the front. I spray painted the cardboard black, at least 2 coats of paint.

The smaller styrofoam circle was painted silver. The larger one I painted black. I also painted the half sphere black.

Then I glued the front square to the sides and finished it up by gluing the back rectangle. That gives you the Batmobile shape. It only takes 4 pieces of cardboard to make the Batmobile. At the last minute I cut out a thin rectangle shape, painted it black, and added it to the front of the Batmobile to make a dashboard

I clued the large styrofoam circle to the front and glued the half sphere in the middle.

For the dashboard, I printed out a MPH gauge and a smaller batman symbol. I glued those to the dashboard. You could also add a small steering wheel if you want.

For the back I added 2 reflectors (bought at Walmart). I glued the smaller silver styrofoam circle in the center and added red and orange tissue paper to look like flames. I added larger Batman symbols to each side of the Batmobile.

The Batmobile fit really nice around Caleb's chair so we only had to add a little string to tie it to his back seat bars.

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