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Wheel of Fortune Wheelchair Costume

I made Hayden a Wheel of Fortune costume using mat board and temper paint. I used stencils to make the dollar amounts on each wedge and then attached it with fishing line to the wheels. we put a little folded up piece of thick paper on it so that with each turn of his chair it made a "click click" sound like the sound the wheel makes when it turns. We also used some plastic tubing pieces on each color wedge to represent the things you grab to spin the wheel. Then I also made him a $5,000 wedge to wear on his body and that I painted with glitter paint and glued those iron on numbers on (since they were larger size than the small stencil I had used on the wedges.) I attached fishing line to the $5,000 wedge and he wore it like a necklace

Thank you Johnna for sharing Hayden's costume!

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