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TMNT Assault Van

The inspiration:

What you need:

2 cardboard boxes
Cardboard rolls(wrapping paper & paper towels)
Glue gun
Tin foil
Zip ties

I used one box that fit perfectly over the wheelchair. I flipped the flaps up and glued the two shorter ends at an angle. This gave the me a little extra height with just one box. The other box I cut up and used it for different parts. I put two pieces on each side of the box to make the sides taller and then one on top the enclose he van. I cut a flap on top to make the opening, along with a circle for the top globe window. Once it was all glued together I painted the whole thing green.

I used the cardboard rolls to make the ladder, bar up the side of the windshield and for the wench. The lights, mirrors, wench hook, and tires were all cut from the extra cardboard. And painted accordingly. The tin foil is wrapped around the mirrors to make the mirror effect. I used a picture of a toy I found online to paint the details. Then I used the zip ties to attach it to the wheelchair.

Thanks Allison! This is amazing! Turtle Power!


Mr. Rogers Trolley

Major cuteness alert!

What you need:

One ginormous cardboard box.
Spray paint. Red for the inside, top, and front of the trolley.
Paint samples (Red, Yellow, & Black). 
Six thin wooden dowels (about 2 feet long each). 
Glue gun. You MUST have a glue gun for this project.
A caving headlamp for the trolley’s headlight. 


I cut the body of the trolley out, then the oval shaped roof and a strip of cardboard for the yellow sign on top. Then I cut two pieces for the front and the back (squares with a rounded top). I can’t give details on how I got it to fit on the chair. I really had to play with it and ended up using the wheelchair’s push bar to anchor the thing and keep it from flopping around. See what works. Measure a bit. You can do it. 

I wanted to paint the exterior by hand to get it right. I knew I wouldn’t need much paint so I just bought three samples from Lowes. I got red to match the spray paint, black for the stripe along the base, and yellow for the trolley seats and sign.

I used the dowel rods to stabilize the sides of the trolley. You can see them glued vertically on the inside. They kept the sides from bowing out (due to the weight of the roof and trolley sign).

Add your lettering and headlamp. Done!

Thank you Mary Evelyn for sharing this adorable creation! Simeon makes the perfect Mr. Rogers.