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Front Loader/Backhoe Wheelchair Costume

You need:
Yellow spray paint
Black spray pain
5 gift wrapping paper tubes (paper towel tubes aren't long enough)
white poster board
Hot glue gun (that baby is your friend)
zip ties

Here is the basics of how I made it:

The big yellow circles covering the wheels is white poster board that I spray painted yellow.
The sides of the front loader and backhoe are cardboard, painted yellow.
The scoop part of the front loader and backhoe are poster board because is it flexible enough to form the scoop.
I spray painted 4 of the gift wrapping tubes black, 1 I painted yellow.
The canopy is a lid to a copy paper box, cut at an angle.
The front loader is hot glued to 2 wrapping paper tubes. I zip tied the front loader to the foot plate of Caleb's chair.
The canopy is hot glued to 2 wrapping paper tubes and then zip tied to the back rest bars on Caleb's chair.
The yellow wrapping tube is used to attach the back hoe, I cut it in 2 pieces to fit over Caleb's handle bar. I think I used a small brad to attach the two pieces together so the backhoe could bend.

And that's it. It is actually a pretty easy costume to put together and you really don't need a lot of supplies. 

Here is another Front Loader/Backhoe Wheelchair costume:

I think we pretty much followed the directions above using cardboard, posterboard and zip ties. The only deviations were using small wooden dowels we bought at home improvement store (spray painted black) and attached the digger and overhead canopy to. We poked holes in both (reinforcing the holes and the diggers edges with yellow duct tape) and attached the dowels with zip ties.

We also used double sided velcro regular to help stabilize the dowels to the back of his wheel chair for the canopy. We attached the wheel "covers" with zip ties to the spokes and cut slits in several places after they were assembled to help them lay flat, just using a glue stick on those slits. We also used yellow latex yellow paint for cardboard. Lastly, we used regular old duct tape to be the reflector on his sweatshirt :)

Thanks Holli from "Our Double Blessings" for sharing Alex' costume!

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